At Lockin we create custom locker spaces.


Spaces that are perfectly shaped to support the flexibility our lives need.

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At Lockin we design, manufacture and install custom made lockers Australia wide.

Start with our range of hanging lockers for gyms, change rooms or end-of-trip facilities. Our shelving range for office lockers in flexible workplaces, education lockers or universities. Mini lockers for valuables. Metal lockers for back of house or mix and match from our range. We build every Lockin locker made to order, made to fit, and made for you. There really is no limit to what you can create.

No matter the space, we collaborate with you to understand your need and bring each vision to life. We work alongside Australian commercial architects, interior designers and builders to make sure we build to your specific requirements and specifications. We also offer a design service for commercial clients. At any stage of the process, from creating a brief to final installation, we’ll help you explore the possibilities and compare options. When you’re ready to go, we can measure, design and build a custom product that maximises capacity and integrates seamlessly into your space.

Today our lives depend on flexibility and mobility. What we do is simple, but essential – build well designed, custom lockers that take care of your gear, and free you up to get on with your day. That’s what we mean when we say we’re made for life.

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That clean, green feeling

Toyota Australia office lockers


Made for an active urban life

Southgate Towers end-of-trip


A red letter refurbishment

Red Energy office lockers

Our philosophy







Create without limits

Some manufacturers will spend a lot of time discussing the limits of what’s possible. We’d rather talk about your space, and how we can make it come to life.

Every Lockin space is made to order. Dimensions, materials, finishes and accessories, it’s your choice.

Build products that perform

Lockin has created over 500 locker spaces Australia wide. Thats a lot of different spaces with a lot of different requirements.

Our experience means we have the smarts to design and build spaces that maximise available space and wont sacrifice functionality.

Make spaces for real life

We create storage for all kinds of different lives – in the workplace, educational facilities, club rooms, gyms and active spaces.

What we do is simple, but essential – build well designed, custom built lockers that take care of your gear, and free you up to get on with your day.

Life is not one-size-fits-all. That's why you'll find all kinds of Lockin lockers, in all kinds of spaces.