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We believe no product should cost the earth. It's just responsible business.

What’s the use of creating spaces that can last lightyears if we won’t have a planet we can enjoy them on? At Lockin, we’re proudly green. 80% of our manufacturing is powered by solar. Every single year we stop over 14.2 tonnes of CO2 entering the environment and the lungs of our fellow humans.

Powered by solar.

Lockin and our parent company ISM Interiors are powered by clean, renewable solar energy. Our commitment to looking after the planet led us to install 400 PV cells on the roof of our Airport West manufacturing facility.

Along with supplying excess energy back into the grid, these cells now provide up to 80% of our energy consumption, representing an annual emissions reduction of 14.2 tonnes of CO2.

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Lockers that are built to last.

Lockers can see a lot of wear and tear during their lifetime, so we only use environmentally sustainable, hard-wearing materials that withstand the test of time.

Our standards for performance even flow down to how we manufacture. Unlike our competitors, all of our lockers have a solid 18mm body construction that’s bonded for maximum strength. And you’re backed by a 5-year warranty to guarantee your locker will last.

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Green star and LEED compliant.

All of our products are manufactured in Australia using materials that meet the Green Building Council of Australia’s five-star rating requirements and LEED platinum requirements. When we finish a project we provide you with all of the required compliance records so that you can achieve your certifications.

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Lockin...Made for life.

Above all, the products of the future should be useful. At Lockin we believe in building spaces that fit our lives and help us to perform and succeed – not the other way round. That’s why tailor-made is so important to us.

What we do is simple, but essential – we build well designed, custom lockers that take care of your gear and free you up to get on with your day. That’s what we mean when we say we’re made for life.

Let us create a space for you

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You’re in good company.

We’ve done everything we just listed above and then some for some of the largest most respected names in Australia. Recognise any of them?