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School lockers

Easy, accessible and spacious school lockers means young minds
can focus on learning not cramming textbooks.

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School lockers provide secure storage for books, iPad, laptops and bags, freeing up students to learn while their belongings are safe and sound. Lockin school lockers are the perfect addition to any innovative, open plan learning space that supports collaboration and activity-based learning.

About school lockers

What are the next generation of school lockers?

Today’s education environments are designed to improve student engagement and drive better results. The days of stale classrooms and locker halls have been replaced with innovative open-plan spaces that support collaboration and activity-based learning. Lockin school lockers are easily integrated into these next-generation spaces, providing secure storage for books, iPads, laptops and bags, freeing students up to learn while their tools are safe and sound.

How do school lockers benefit students?

In today’s educational environments, school lockers can have a positive influence on student wellbeing and development. School lockers can play an important role in guaranteeing privacy for students by creating a place where they can store their personal belongings safely. Having assigned lockers also teaches students to take responsibility of their own possessions. Students learn to respect their own possessions, but also those of their peers as well.

How do you choose the right type of locker for your school?

Choosing the right type of locker for your school starts with understanding the needs of your students and knowing the space you have to work with. What is the age group of the students who will be using the lockers? What will these students be storing in their lockers? Will the lockers be installed outside? Do they need to be waterproof? Our team can help you explore the options so you choose the right locker design for your students and school.

How do I choose the right school lockers for my space?

Start by understanding your end-user and what their locker needs to do. For some it's hanging clothes, for others, it's storing bags and charging devices. Then try to match our base range to their needs within the space you have.

If you need some help, our team has created over 500 locker spaces Australia wide. Our experience means we have the smarts to design and build products that will maximise your available space, without sacrificing usability and functionality.

Can I customise my school lockers?

Yes! We’re pretty chuffed with our base range of lockers. They’re good looking, functional and full of great, practical innovations to make your life easier. Starting there might give you some great ideas, standard sizes and an easy solution for your storage needs. But if you’re looking for something different, we’re ready to get creative with you.

Thinking about curved lines? Done. Need something taller, wider or a little more to the left? No problem. Our hi-tech manufacturing facility allows us to customise our products to an unlimited range of needs and options.

Why choose Lockin

With years of experience creating locker facilities, we’ll get the most out of your space.

Custom lockers made to fit

We craft lockers made for life. And, since Lockers vary as much as the lifestyles of the people that occupy them, we tailor each and every locker to you and your facility’s needs. Want something super simple and spacious? Say no more. Looking for something outfitted with bench seating, USB ports, a built-in ironing board unit and a digital padlock? Well, we can do that, too.

Planning & recommendations

We loath telling you no. So, we don’t. During our planning and recommendation phase, we let you dream as big as your budget will allow. From layout to picking the best locking system, our team is here to help you create a functional storage space that people won't want to leave.

Made in Australia using green materials

At Lockin, we’re proudly green. 80% of our Australian manufacturing is powered by solar. And every single year we stop over 14.2 tonnes of CO2 entering the atmosphere and the lungs of our fellow humans. We only use E0 lower formaldehyde panel products for our standard range. Plus every Lockin locker meets the GBCA’s Greenstar five star rating and LEED platinum requirements.

Delivery & Installation Australia wide

You tell us what you want and sit back and don’t lift a finger. It’s as simple as that. We will handle the manufacturing, the delivery and the installation as if we were building a space for ourselves, while you watch as your vision comes to life.

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