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About us

The best lockers in the world, only available in Australia.

At Lockin we know one of the crucial elements of life is also a pretty simple one. Space. No matter the space, we collaborate with you to understand your needs and bring each vision to life.

Life is not one-size-fits-all. That’s why you’ll discover all kinds of Lockin lockers, in all kinds of spaces. Lockin. Made for life.

Dimensions, materials, finishes, accessories, it’s your choice.

Some suppliers will spend a lot of time discussing the limits of what’s possible. We’d rather talk about your vision, and how we can make it come to life.

Thinking about curved lines? Done. Need something taller, wider or a little more to the left? No problem.

See some of our creations

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Fast, efficient manufacturing where flexibility doesn't cost more.

As a division of Australian commercial joiner ISM Interiors, Lockin has over 20 years of experience manufacturing custom products. Our expertise means we can respond to any production brief and produce custom lockers for the same price as our competitors do off-the-shelf.

Start creating your space

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With years of experience creating lockers, we’ll get the most out of your space.

You will never meet a team more passionate, thoughtful and intentional about lockers than us. Why? Because at 2,080 hours a year spent outside of your home we’re wildly aware that we’re not creating a locker. But, instead, a home away from home.

How can we help?

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Not to name drop, but...

We’ve been so wonderfully fortunate to create locker spaces for some of the largest most respected names in Australia.