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Accessible lockers

A range of lockers designed to meet the human needs of people with disabilities.

The first of their kind, our accessible lockers are the right width, depth and height to ensure optimal usability. Designed for wheelchair and walking frame users. Designed for people with vision impairment. Designed for people with low mobility. The only DDA compliant, accessible DDA locker for the office or change rooms.

Every public space should be accessible to people with a disability.


What is the DDA?

The federal Disability Discrimination Act 1992 provides protection for everyone in Australia against discrimination based on disability. In practice, the law applies in all areas of public life, including access to public premises.

What are DDA compliant lockers?

To be DDA compliant, our lockers have specific reach, depth and height dimensions. Making them functional for people with a physical disability. Our DDA range is not only for wheelchair users. Each product is also designed for walking frame users, people with low mobility or dexterity and people who are vision impaired.

Why are accessible lockers important?

Every public space or facility should be accessible to people with disabilities. It’s one of the most fundamental of human rights – equal access for all. When we build accessible spaces, more experiences and opportunities open up to people with disabilities.

How do you create an accessible locker space?

To create an accessible DDA compliant locker space, you must consider how people with a disability will use the facility as a whole. Beyond the product itself, we must look at the whole experience, from entry to exit. Space to manoeuvre or ‘accessible paths of travel’ are an important consideration.

Why choose Lockin

With years of experience creating locker facilities, we’ll get the most out of your space.

Custom lockers made to fit

We craft lockers made for life. And, since lockers vary as greatly as the lifestyles of the people who occupy them, we tailor every locker to you and your facility's needs. Want something that's super simple and spacious? Say no more. Looking for something outfitted with a timber bench seat, USB ports, a built-in ironing board unit and shoe shelves? Well, we can do that, too. Looking for something special? We can design and build custom ottomans to complement your space. Choose from timber or upholstered seating and a variety of materials.

Project planning & recommendations

We loath telling you no. So, we don't. During the planning and recommendation phase of your project, we let you dream as big as your budget will allow. We'll take the time to understand what you need, what you're picturing in your mind, and how our products will integrate with the overall design aesthetic of your space. From layout to picking the best locking system to use, the Lockin team is here to help you create a functional space that people won't want to leave. The options are limitless.

Made in Australia using green materials

Lockin is proud to be green and to say that 80% of our Australian manufacturing is powered by solar energy. And each year we stop over 14.2 tonnes of CO2 entering the atmosphere and the lungs of our fellow humans. Continuing with our focus on health, we only use E0 lower formaldehyde panel products in our standard range. Plus every Lockin locker meets the GBCA Greenstar five star rating and LEED platinum requirements. That means you can feel good about choosing Lockin products for even more reasons than their good looks.

Delivery & installation Australia wide

You tell us what you want and then don't lift a finger. It's that simple. We'll handle the manufacturing, delivery and installation as if we were building the space for ourselves, while you sit back and watch as your vision comes to life. We work alongside our clients, architects and interior designers to make sure we build to your specific requirements and specifications. We've done everything we just listed above and then some for some of the largest most respected names in Australia. Are you next?

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