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The team

You’re in good company.

You will never meet a team more passionate, thoughtful and intentional about lockers than us. Why? Because at 2,080 hours a year spent outside of your home we’re wildly aware of the fact that we’re not creating a locker. But, instead, a home away from home. And, like homes, lockers should be made for life.

Web 0004 Paul Flores 0059

Paul Flores

General Manager

Web 0008 Adam Dispinzeri 0037

Adam Dispinzeri

Senior Project Manager

Web 0002 Katie Stone 0054

Katie Stone

Sales Manager

Web 0007 David Mc Pherson 0026

David McPherson

Project Manager

Web 0000 Trent Crabtree 0271

Trent Crabtree

Project Manager

Web 0006 Eli Soriano 0039

Eli Soriano

Design & Production

Web 0003 Alexandra Marsh 0051

Alexandra Marsh

Senior Estimator

Web 0005 Keegan Shrimpton 0180

Keegan Shrimpton

Site Coordinator

Web 0001 Victoria Marsh 0120

Victoria Marsh

Brand Manager

Not to name drop, but...

We’ve been so wonderfully fortunate to create locker spaces for some of the largest most respected names in Australia.

With years of experience creating lockers, we’ll get the most out of your space.

From small cozy nooks to top-of-the-line multi-million dollar facilities, we design, craft and install wildly customizable lockers that can be accented with everything from USB charging ports, padlocks, laundry shoots and ironing boards.

Just tell us where...

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