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What we do

We create locker facilities you’ll never want to leave.

Think, for a moment, the places you adore; the places that hurt a little to leave. Your home, on a lazy Sunday afternoon... Your favorite cafe, two mugs of coffee in... At Lockin, we build locker facilities that become yet another place that you adore; another place that hurts a little to leave. Sorry in advance.

Custom lockers tailored to you & your lifestyle.

We craft lockers made for life. And, since Lockers vary as much as the lifestyles of the people that occupy them, we tailor each and every locker to you and your facility’s needs from our factory in Melbourne, Australia. Want something super simple and spacious? Say no more. Looking for something outfitted with bench seating, USB ports, a built-in ironing board unit and a digital padlock? Well, we can do that, too.

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Planning & recommendations where it’s okay to dream.

We loath telling you no. So, we don’t. During our planning and recommendation phase, we let you dream as big as your budget will allow, working alongside Australia’s finest cabinet makers, architects and designers to breathe life into whatever you’re seeing behind closed eyes.

See what we mean?

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Space design it’d be a crime to call a locker room.

When The North Melbourne Football Club or Porter Davis Home Builders ask us to build a locker room space for them, we have just one goal: make it hard to leave. Sometimes that’s pairing steel, glass and timber for an industrial oasis. Other times, it’s providing an oceanview in the last place you’d ever expect to find one...

What space did you have in mind?

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You won’t have to lift a finger (if you don’t want to).

You tell us what you want and then you sit back and don’t lift a finger. It’s as simple as that. We will handle the design, the manufacturing, the delivery and the installation as if we were building a space for ourselves, while you watch as your vision comes to life.

Where shall we start?

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You’re in good company.

We’ve done everything we just listed above and then some for some of the largest most respected names in Australia. Recognise any of them?