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Sacre Coeur school lockers

Spaces to live and learn

client Sacre Coeur Catholic Girls School

architect Hede Architects

builder Renascent

location Melbourne Australia

‘A keystone for our learning community… (providing) critical physical infrastructure for Sacré Cœur’s leading-edge learning programs’. This is the vision for Sacre Coeur’s new Information Resource, Science, Technology and Creative Arts building.

As part of this development, we installed 38 PL2 ‘Wave’ lockers, in dramatic alternating colour tones of Laminex Bleached Wenge and Battalion. Each locker was fitted with a Lockin Combination lock. Lockers also featured Lockin 3M silver brushed acrylic number tags.

We’re happy and proud to have created facilities to serve the students and staff of this proud Melbourne girl’s school.

We installed 38 lockers, in dramatic alternating colour tones.