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LoQit smart lock

LOQIT smart locker lock
Dedicated / Shared

LoQit is a hardwired smart lock system that can be configured to work via a central terminal or directly on the locker door. With LoQit you can choose to manage access with a pin code, RFID media, fingerprint or smartphone. For facility managers, administration is all done through a web-based platform that can be accessed from anywhere.

The LoQit system is one of the most flexible smart locks on the market. The pin code operation mode works well in shared user environments such as pools and museums. The RFID, fingerprint and smartphone access modes are great for businesses, gyms or educational institutions. LoQit also offers an e-paper screen that can be fitted to each locker door to share daily news or advertising with locker users. As an added benefit, the LoQit smart lock has an integrated light and USB charging port for small mobile devices.


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