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800 Collins Street office lockers

A space for news ways of working

architect Bates Smart

builder Lend Lease

location Melbourne Australia

Activity Based Working (ABW) has become an increasingly useful and popular strategy for many businesses. It describes a scenario where employees are able to work in a variety of physical locations depending on the projects they’re involved with.

800 Collins Street houses many corporate tenants who utilise ABW. They need the flexibility and convenience of a well-designed storage system that ensures their teams have everything they need to set up or move on to the next location with a minimum of fuss.

Set amid the bustle of Melbourne’s Docklands precinct, 800 Collins Street is a modern A-grade building comprising ground floor retail shops, 10 upper levels of office space and two levels of parking. Working with architect Bates Smart Lockin was part of a major office redevelopment - one that would transform 3 levels of the building into a stylish state-of-the-art facility.

In all, 1308 H4 lockers were installed, customized to fit seamlessly into a wide range of bulkheads and curved, free-standing joinery. Special features of the project included personal mail slots, custom vinyl numbering, and the LoQit locking system, an innovative RFID system that allows for multiple settings and functionality.

We’re proud to have been part of the 800 Collins Street project that enables a flexible and mobile way of working.

1300 lockers were customised to fit seamlessly into bulkheads and curved joinery.