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NEXO smart lock

Ojmar NEXO locker lock wi-fi
Battery Wi-Fi
Dedicated / Shared

The Ojmar NEXO smart lock is a wireless intelligent locking system. Powered by battery operated locks that connect to nearby Wi-Fi beacons, it provides all of the advanced functionality of hardwired locks without the need for cabling. For users, the NEXO works with a range of RFID proximity media including swipe cards and key fobs.

With intelligent software that can be accessed on PCs, tablets and mobile devices, the NEXO locks can be managed remotely. If by chance the Wi-Fi network goes down the system can also work stand-alone. As the locks are online, facility managers receive real-time reports including usage, hardware status and battery level. You also receive alarm notifications if there has been a faulty closure, vandalism or attempted break-in.


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