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818 Bourke Street end-of-trip facility

A thoroughly modern fitout

client Hines Property Group

architect Gray Puksand

builder Renascent

location Melbourne Australia

Overlooking the calm waters of Victoria Harbour, 818 Bourke Street in Melbourne’s Docklands is sited at the epicentre of the city’s newest corporate precinct. A distinctively modernist building, appearances are important to this A-class office, and their end-of-trip (EOT) facilities are no exception.

Our EOT fitout comprised a total of 206 PS2 lockers with an attached shoe shelf seat installed on the building’s ground floor. The fitout also included attached slatted bench seating with shoe shelves, plus ironing board units and airing cupboards. A unique feature of the design was the sloping, angled tops of each bank. The lockers were finished in an eye-catching three colour palette from Laminex, with the lockers co-ordinating in line with the carpeting colours as the palette changed. Each locker featured custom vinyl numbering and was fitted with an Ojmar OCS Touch Lock.

With its unique angled construction, bold colour scheme and co-ordinated floor covering 818 is a truly modernist EOT.

With lockers co-ordinated to floor coverings 818 is a truly modernist EOT.